The Kenya Economy has grown rapidly in the last decade and it's bound to ever grow further. The tourism sector is the second biggest contributor to the economy of Kenya. In 2007 the sector suffer great losses due to the post election violence and it took sometime before it stabilize. However, the sector hasn't grown to its full potential. For years we have been depending on wild animals as a source of tourism Attraction. We have failed to explore other options like Kenya technology Tourism.

How does this work?

Developed Countries are outsourcing service from developing countries. India for example has the highest number of companies outsourcing services from it mostly thorough the ICT sector. Kenya ICT technology can be developed to such extend that companies can pitch camps in our country to outsource for ICT services. This can be one example of Kenya technology tourism.

Our country has the potential and investors should take the advantage and develop Kenya technology tourism which will be good to Kenya economy.


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