Getting around in Kenya is very easy. All the tourist attraction sites are accessible by road and air. Whichever place you wish to visit either for site seeing or attend a conference, be sure to get an option of getting to these places.
You can choose to rent a car to use for the entire period you will be staying in the country. It is not the cost effective way if you intend to use the rental car for long or travel extensively in Kenya. The cost of renting car is approximately $50-100 per day depending on the type of car you rent and the company.  That is why it advisable to shop around for the best deal. If you are planning to come to Kenya in July, August and December then this are busy months in Kenya in term of tourism and you might pay more. If you can book early then it will be better.  The required age to qualify to rent a car in Kenya is 23 and above. Many companies provide the option of renting a car plus a driver. This is the best option because the drive is a local who understand his/her way around, hence exempting you the need to hire a guide. You must come in an understanding with the driver before starting your journey to whenever you are going.

The following are the insurance details that you need observe and pay:
·         Collision damage waiver premium. Some rental companies include this in the overall price but other companies don’t. You need to confirm this.
·         Theft protection waiver.
You will be required to leave a deposit approximately the bill you will be expected to pay at the end of renting the car.
We have several traffic police check points in major roads. When stopped by traffic police, you will be required to prove ownership of the car which in your case it will be to prove that you have rent the car.  Be sure to carry all your papers always.
What if your car breakdown?  We have several companies that offer rescue services. AA Kenya  offers the best service. For   approximately $18 you will be able to be a temporal member for 6 members. Any time your car broke down you can call AA to rescue you.

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