This is an annual natural event where hundreds of wildebeest migrate from the plain of Serengeti in Tanzania (May and June) across River Mara which is their biggest challenge in the whole journey and arrive in Maasai mara National reserve(July and August).In October they start returning to Serengeti plain.

Mount Kenya is the tallest mount in Kenya and the second tallest in Africa.

This is a popular delicacy in Kenya which is basically roasted meal.

It is found on the west part of Kenya and it has many indigenous trees.

 It is at the south coast of Mombasa, a few distances from the main road. It is very popular among tourist.

There are more than 1000 bird species in Kenya. This is an opportunity to explore this diversity as you visit Kenya. Lake Baringo is one of the sites you can visit for bird watching.

This is an ancient Swahili town.

The wonderful coral reef in Kenya gives you that chance to explore its coastal underwater.


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