Booking in advance for a tour operator to handle your Travel around the country might seem the best option. However it might prove costly and even not fun if you want to explore not just the tourist hot spot but the entire Kenya. You need to consider the alternative.

The alternative is to use Kenya public transport system. If you read many guide books, tourists are discouraged from using the public system. The reasons given reflect a sector that was in a mess decades ago. Currently the Kenya public transport is definitely the best in East and Central Africa and the investment made by both the government and the private sector has changed the sector. The government has played its part to formulate laws that has restore sanity in the sector and at the same time create a conducive environment for the Kenya transport system to carry on uninterrupted by it massive investment in areas like Road and security.

The private sectors are investing in modern transport facility and focus more on customer experience rather than quick profit concept.

For the last five years, travelling using Kenya transport system has improved. Compared to the hiring of a tour operator, it’s cheap to travel from one town to another. The availability of cheap and quality accommodation facility in many towns make travelling an experience around Kenya. When you choose public transport, you will save up to 40% because it is definitely cheap and efficient. Well know companies like Easy Coach have invested heavily to improve their fleets as they run across East Africa.

Low budget airlines are also introducing flights to many Tourist destination. The most famous one is JamboJet owned and operated by Kenya Airways. For as low as $30, you can fly to major destination as Kisumu and Eldoret.

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