It lies south of lake Naivasha in Kenya, North West of Nairobi. It is known for its wildlife and for its scenery, including the Fisher’s Tower and central tower columns and Hell’s gate gorge. The national park is also home to three geothermal power stations at Olkaria. Hell’s gate national park cover an area of 68.25 square km and is situated in the environs of Lake Naivasha about 90km from Nairobi. The park is situated 14 km after the turnoff from the old Nairobi-Naivasha highway. It is characterized by diverse topography and geological scenery. It has historically been an important home for the rare lammergeyer, but it is now thought that the famous pair of birds may not have nested in the park for several years.
The park is popular due to its proximity to Nairobi (90 minutes drive) and lowered park fees compared to other national parks. One is encouraged to hike and cycle in the park. This is a rarity in Kenyan National parks, and is only made possible due to the lack of dangerous animals such as lions and elephants, though there is a small number of cheetahs and African Buffalo. The park is equipped with 3 basic campsites.


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