It is common that the conference tourism is experiencing significant growth worldwide. Africa Economy and Kenya in that case, has been growing very fast. Kenya is considered to be one of the very important gateways to Africa Market. Many investors have established their Africa headquarters in Kenya and with this, many meetings, seminars and conferences have been organized by these investors and their business partners. Kenya is also the home of major non-governmental organization like the USAID, UN, Red Cross and many more who need conference facilities to conduct their meetings.


Nairobi is emerging as a major conference destination in Africa following the refurbishment of the 33 year old Kenyatta International Conference Center. The center has a 4,000 seater plenary and Amphitheatre, a car parking capacity of 1,000 vehicles and an underground one of 180 cars. The center has a wide range of conference facilities with breakaway rooms for small working groups and a helipad on the 32nd floor. The government has spent about 400 million to renovate and modernize the center to meet international standards. This has given rise to readmission of the conference facility as a member of the international congress and convention Association in November 2005, as well as a member of international Association of congresscenter in April 2006.


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