As a tourist in Kenya, you may wish to have a shopping experience of your life time. You have the option of doing your shopping in a open air market or a mega mall or a supermarket. Each of this option is perfect depending on what you need. This article is meant to discuss the two major shopping supermarkets in Kenya where tourist can have an experience of their lifetime.
The two major supermarkets are Uchumi Supermarket and Nakumatt holdings. What set this to hypermarkets apart from the rest is that inclusiveness and blending of all the culture under one roof. As a new visitor to Kenya, let say from Asian or Scandinavian countries, you are sure to get an item that is indigenous to your country from these two hypermarkets. They have branches all over the country and especially to all Kenya tourist destination towns.
If you visit Kenya, try these two shopping malls and you can share your experience here

Click here for Nakumatt holding branches

Click here for Uchumi supermarket branches


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