This is one of the best travel guide book to Kenya.  Sales records have shown that it is the most bought travel guide by tourist planning to travel to Kenya and East Africa At large. The guide was written, putting in mind a first time tourist to Kenya and an experienced tourist.
The book is an exception because of how the contents have been arranged.  For example, the author has tried to divide the Kenya tourist circuit in regions making it easy for any tourist to

 decide which region to travel. Even after describing a specific tourist destination, the author has gone ahead and included information that other authors consider irrelevant. These include information about accommodations that are found even far away from tourist attraction site. Up to date Contacts of places like parks, lodges and so forth.  It is such a detail book that when you read, you’ll feel that you have been to Kenya before yet you had just read "The Rough Guide to Kenya."
The Rough Guide to Kenya should be your companion as you traverse Kenya.


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