One of the most existing Features in Kenya is its vast magnificent plain. Most of the major National Parks and Game reserves are found on Kenya plains. It is sometime hard to see the Wildlife in the plain while driving. That is why Kenya Balloon safari is one of the most sorts out means of having a perfect view of the Kenya plain and see rare and unique wildlife.


The famous Masai Mara is on the plain and as most people will choose to drive through, Kenya Balloon safari is the best way to have perfect view of Masai Mara. Animal will not hide or run away as you approach.  As the balloon drift above, you will see more than someone who opt to drive through the Reserve.
A part from seeing the Masai mara, it is always a great experience to see the great Rift valley from a above.  The Great Rift Valley is one of the few physical features in Africa that can be seen from space. The Kenya Balloon Safari will give you that bird view.
It is easy to get a Balloon Safari if booked early. Most lodges in Game parks and Reserves offer this service. If you want to see the Great Rift Valley, the best place to go is Lake Nakuru or Naivasha.
The Kenya balloon safari always begins early in the morning. So be prepared to be woken very early. You will be driven to launching site by a tour guide. Once the balloon is lifted, it will be blow across the plain by wind. The pilot will be in control by either lowering the balloon to have a close-up look of the Animals below or raise it high above the tree canopies. Some Balloon safari agents offer a certificate for completing the balloon flight. Roughly it Kenya Balloon Safari cost $450 for each flight per individual.


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