Kenya flora is diverse: along the coast are forests containing palm, mangrove, teak, copal and sandalwood trees. Forests of baobab, euphorbia and acacia trees cover the lowlands to an elevation of approximately 915m. Extensive tracts of savannah (grassland) interspersed with groves of acacia and papyrus; characterize the terrain from 915 t0 2,745 meters above sea level.

The principal species in mountain slopes are camphor and bamboo. Despite the tremendous losses inflicted by hunting and poaching during the twentieth contrary, Kenya teems with wildlife, there are 80 major animal species ranging from the “Big five” (Elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros, lion and leopard) down to tiny antelopes such as the dik-dik, which is slightly larger than a rabbit. At least 32 endemic species are endangered.

An ornithology paradise, Kenya is the finest country in Africa for bird watching; boasting around 1,137 species of birds; and 60 IBA’s (important birds Areas) . To spot more than 100 bird species in a day is common.


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