There is no ‘original’ Kenyan snack. As you travel to Kenya, you should know that, what we call Kenyan Snacks is a combination of different options which were either brought during the colonial era or have been brought into the country by foreign eateries setting up business in Kenya.

 These include:-

 • Samosas
• Miniature Kebabs
 • Mandazi (small deep fried dough)
 • Burgers

Chapatis and Mandazi are what we can call unique snacks in Kenya. Chapati is dough rolled into a thin circular shape and then fried. Most snacks out-lets sell one chapati from Kenya shillings 10-20. However, in high class hotels and restaurant it can cost from Kenya shillings 30- 50.

-->  It is always served cold in most small eating outlets in Kenya, but you have an option request a ‘microwave’ chapatti. You can eat with any drink. Tea is the most common. You can also eat chapati with stew beef, chicken or beans. Mandazi on the other hand are small deep fried dough. They cost between Kenya Shillings 5 – 10 and they are served with tea or Coffee.


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