All parks and reserves are open to private vehicles, and there is a lot to be said for the freedom of choice that renting a car gives you. 

Unless there are more than two of you, though, it won’t save money over one of the cheaper camping safaris. If you are going to be in Kenya for some time, or you are planning to travel widely, buying a secondhand car in Nairobi is a realistic possibility, though prices are high for what you can get, relative to Europe or North America. Check the poster boards at any big mall or shopping center such as Sarit Center.


Before renting, shop around for the best deals and try to negotiate as you might with any purchase, bearing in mind how long you need and the season. July, August and Christmas are busy, so you might want to book a head. Rates vary greatly, some are quoted in the local currency (Kenya Shilling) and some are in Dollars or Euros. Some include unlimited mileage while others don’t .The minimum age to rent a car is usually 23 years.

You can often rent a driver or driver guide supplied by the rental company, which can be more relaxing and a great introduction to the country. This should add around $6 – 10 per day to your tour bill for the driver’s salary, and up to another $10 per day for his daily living expenses. Be clear on what the arrangement will be and it is advisable you have everything in writing.

Check the insurance details and always pay the daily collision damage waiver premium. Some rental companies include it on the rental price. Also take theft protection waiver .

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