Kenya has many community projects that thousands of tourists come to give their time.  Most of these community projects range from:
  • ·         Working in a children center
  • ·         Involved in an Environmental project
  • ·         Participate in Civil society programs
  • ·         Attached in Water related projects
These are few examples. We have organizations which allow you to decide what you want to do as long as it is legal. It is up to you to decide.

What Do You Need To Travel As A Volunteer In Kenya?

  1.  First, you need to apply for a volunteer ship program with a volunteer placement organization.  It must not be a volunteer placement organization. You can contact a local organization and request for an opportunity to volunteer. The idea is to know in advance where you will be going. This information also will help you to processing your Kenya visa. 
  2.  Apply for Visa. You need a Visa to be allowed in Kenya. You can apply online or contact the organization you will be volunteering in to do it for you.  Visas are usually valid for 6 months and that is roughly how long you’ll volunteer. However, you can either re-apply or request for an extension. You need to this probably 2-3 weeks before your Visa expires.


  1.  A passport that is valid
  2. Flight details
  3. Two passport photos
  4. Payment (visa fee).If you intend to volunteer once, you’ll be required to pay for a single entry visa which is $50. However, if you intend to return, it is advisable you pay for multiple entries visa which is $100.

 For more information contact Kenya Ministry of Immigration

As a volunteer you have the opportunity to enjoy the best of Kenya destinations. In the six months that you will be in Kenya, you can visit all the National parks, Kenya beaches, meet different Kenya community and just enjoy whatever you feel is enjoyable.


Language barrier should not be a problem. Most Kenyans speak English but if you can, try to learn a little of Swahili which is the National language. You can also opt to hire a translator.


If you choose to volunteer in a children center for example, you will have the opportunity to enjoy local delicacy. However, you have the option of cooking whatever you want. Most Kenya shopping malls have almost everything any volunteer from whatever country needs. However, you might never need to buy anything because Kenya local food is always wonderful


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