Kenya is one of the countries participating in this year Olympics. It is good to watch Misty May-Treanor, Lolo Jones, Aly Raisman's, Alex Morgan and David Rudisha at London 2012 Olympics as they give their best in pursuit of a medal. In fact, the real faces of any Olympics are the players who have trained for months, other for years with one dream in mind, to win a gold medal or set a new world record.

However, most people never cared what happened behind scene. What really happens at the Olympic village? I am not talking about just the London 2012 Olympic, but even the Beijing 2008 Olympic and previous events. How do Athletes live a “normal” life in an Olympic village? How do they spent their free time or relax after a hard sporting day?

-->  According to one former Olympic medalist, "Anyone who wants to be naive and say they don't know what's going on in the Village is lying to themselves. They know, the officials know, even the media. It's not a secret, everyone knows!”

What secret is he talking about? He continues to say, "(Sex) is all part of the Olympic spirit. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) wouldn't say that, but it is. You can't shy away from it. Why do you think they give away so many condoms?"

The Olympic village is always a perfect venue to mingle and make new friends. More than 3,000 apartments housing over 9,000 athletes from across the globe for 2 weeks; is just a ripe environment for cordial friendship to happen. These are young men and women who for months have disciplined their bodies including abstaining from sex in pursuit of medals. Now they have been “locked” out of the world in an Olympic Village only to be seen by a crowd of 80,0000 in an Olympic Arena plus a billion more watching on Television. What else do you expect from a young Athlete who has a whole week before or after competing to relax?

 London 2012 Olympics Village holds the record of having more Condoms distributed in an Olympic village. 150,000 condoms have been made available for Athletes. It is not that athletes plan what will happen in an Olympic Village, it just happen.


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