Kenya is a nation that is literally controlled by the media. The media has played its role of informing the public accurately, that they will rather trust the Media than the weekly government press brief, by the government spokes person.

Freedom of press wasn’t there in early years of independence and in 70’s and 80’s. However, with the turn of the new millennium, Kenya Media is admired in all of Africa. Not just for it is freedom for expression, but for its standard of professionalism and adoption of changes in Media like embracing the growth of social media. It is regarded that Kenyans are the highest bloggers in Africa and come second in the use of social media after the most populous nation in Africa, Nigeria.


There are now over 20 TV stations in Kenya. The most famous in term of viewership are Citizen TV, KTN and NTV. NTV is owned by one of the leading media houses called  Nation Media that has investment all over East Africa. It is partly owned by the Aga Khan. It also has a radio station and the most read newspaper in Kenya, The Daily Nation (Weekdays), Saturday Nation, Sunday Nation and Business Daily. You can watch NTV online and subscribe for Daily, Saturday and Nation newspaper online. The other leading Media House is Standard Group. It has a television stations (KTN and QTV), Radio stations (Radio Maisha and Qfm) and a newspaper (Standard Newspaper, The East African). You can also get all their services online include watch KTN and subscribe for their Newspaper.

Compared to Nation Media and Standard Group, Royal Media is more popular for its Television (Citzen TV) and Radio Programs. It values local content than foreign. It has radio stations for almost each tribe in Kenya and that is why it is the most popular media house in Kenya.

As a tourist travelling to Kenya, you will get foreign press like UK’S Daily Telegraph, Newsweek and Time. You also can watch foreign television station since the country has officially migrated from Analogue to digital TV.


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