After four days of waiting, it is now official that Uhuru Kenyatta is the president elect of Kenya. Supporters of Jubilee Coalition are celebrating after Uhuru Kenya manages to gunner 50% + 1 as required by the constitution.

Celebration began as early as 4.00 am when it was clear that he had gotten 6,173,433, votes out of the total vote cast which was 12,338,667.  This automatically gave Uhuru Kenyatta 50.3% while his closet rival Raila Odinga got 43.28% (5,340,546).

Many investors and tourist have been following this historical election. Some had misgiving about the whole process, but the Kenyan people have patiently exercised their democratic right.  The Kenyan people who since Monday when they casted their votes, have maintained peace.

Now that the election is behind us, the people of Kenya are proud to invite all tourists and investors to come and enjoy the their warm hospitality, great flora and fauna diversity.


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