You have just visited Kenya either as a tourist, expatriate or a volunteer and you love the country. You either wonder if you can own a property or invest.
I have been asked these questions

  1. Can I own a holiday home in Kenya?
  2. Can I buy Land in Kenya?
  3. Can I invest in Kenya tourism sector?
  4. How do I invest in Kenya?
  5. What options do I have to invest in Kenya?

YES! You can invest in Kenya and own property as a foreigner. Whether you are from Europe, North and South America, Asia or Africa, the law allows you to own property just like any Kenyan citizen with some limitations
.The new Kenya constitution that was promulgated in 2010, The 2012 Lands Acts and 2012 Land registration allows any persons whether individual or accompany/association buy land in Kenya. Many foreigners have been duped into believing that they cannot own property including land in their own name.
The Law allows you as a foreign to purchase property and have it in your name. It is false that you need to be in partnership with a local. YOU as a Germany, Chinese, Australian or Brazilian can buy  property in your name. Own a holiday home in Your Name too.


There are limitations for a foreign investor. This is in the constitution and Cap.302 of Land control Act. The constitution under article 65(1) states that, ‘person who is not a citizen may hold land on basis of leasehold tenure only, and any such lease, however granted, shall not exceed ninety nine years’. On expiry of the 99 years lease hold, the constitution allows you to renew the lease hold.
So, any property you purchase has lease hold of 99 years, which you can renew upon expiry.
In case of a foreign company, it has to include one or more Kenyans as an investor for it to own property in Kenya.
You need an expert to help you understand the Kenya property market. At Wave Concept Consulting & Marketing we have helped foreigner acquire properties in Kenya.
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