From Britain and Ireland
London Heathrow is the only British airport with direct flights to Nairobi. , operated by Kenya Airways, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. It takes approximately 8-9 hours to reach Kenya from Britain. If you need to go to the coastal towns of Kenya like the historical town of Lamu or Mombasa, the Ethiopian airline and Kenya airways fly to Mombasa town.  There are also charter planes that fly to Mombasa from London for approximately £ 500. The prices keep changing from season to season and you can check online or street travel agent to actual price.
Those who are traveling from Ireland are best advised to fly to Heathrow and then connect from there to Kenya. You can choose Kenya airways, British airways or Virgin atlantics.  Flight prices are between £650-900.
Here are some of the Airlines you can choose from.
1.       BRITISH AIRWAYS     {Direct flight}
Tell: 0844/4930787
2.       EGYPTAIR
Tell: 020/77342343
3.       EMIRATES
Tell: 0844/8002777
Tell: 020/8987700
5.       KENYA AIRWAYS     {Direct flight}
Tell: 020/82831833
6.       KLM   {Direct flight}
Tell: 08712227474
7.       LUFTHANSA
Tell: 087194599747
Tell: 08703898090
9.       SAUDI
Tell: 020/77989898
10.   SN Brussels Airlines
Tell: 09056095609
11.   SWISS
Tell: 08456010956
12.   VIRGIN ATLANTIC {Direct flight}
Tell: 08703802007


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