The Kenya public transport is called MATATU. As a tourist coming to Kenya, you need to know what are Matatus? How do they operate? And where do you get them? Matatus, Kenya slang for public transport is the most used form of transport in Kenya.

We have train transport but it serve only selective towns, mostly around Nairobi city. They only go for two trips, one in the morning and the late in the evening. This makes the train the least favorable form of transport in Kenya. For those who want to travel from the Nairobi city to coastal city of Mombasa or the lake side city of Kisumu of western Kenya, trains are available. However, I will advise you to take Matatu rather than the train. Kenya still uses the old slow train and it takes hours to reach your destination as compared to Matatu.

Matatu are registered public vehicles mostly van or mini-bus which carry a maximum of 14 to24 passage respectively. Each Matatu is meant to travel to a particular destination like Mombasa, Kisumu, Kitale e.t.c.

Matatu Stage
You only board Matatu from a designated bus or Matatu stage meant for Matatu going to a particular destination. Charges are always fixed all year round, but they will fluctuate depending on the following:-
• Holiday season in Kenya, mostly school holidays (April, August and December) where Kenyans are travelling a lot. The fare always increases.
• Changes in fuel prices
It is easy to identify Matatu because they have yellow lines. The drivers and the conductor are always in Uniform making it easy to know them. The destination to which the Matatu is going is always written on the yellow line found on the sideways of the Matatu.


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