Since 1998 bombing of the USA embassy in Kenya, the country has been viewed as a threat by some west countries and subsequently, they have issued travel advisories warning its citizens against traveling to Kenya. To some extent, they were justified to do that, but the image they portrayed Kenya was that of Iraq or Afghanistan!

It true that Kenya is a target by terrorist elements like Al-Qaeda because of its stand on terrorism and close friendship with USA other west countries. The threat is even justified by the position of the country. We are almost sandwiched between countries that have been or are at war. The recent and worse of all is our proximity to Somalia which has been at war for decades and that provides a chance for radical ideology to spread fast. It is also true that our own internal security record paint a country that is unstable. Most people will refer to 2007 post election violence.

However, what the international media is not showing the world is a peaceful country that has much to offer. A country that has recognize its weak points and admit it exist, but its working tireless to rid off all those things are a threat to both our economy and social life. The international Media is not showing the effort the government has undertaken to protect Kenya and all it visitors. The latest example is Kenya defense force incursion in Somalia. Despite our own economical problem, we have gone to help stabilize a neighboring country not because we have much, but we believe our own peace and visitors comes first and we have to preserve it at all cost. Our solider are dying in Somalia because they want the horn of Africa to be as peaceful as no any other region in the world.

A part from the area consider be a threat like tourist attraction site along or close to Somalia border, we have those tourist hotspot that are as peaceful as paradise can be. The central, part of eastern, southern and western part of Kenya accommodates more than 80% of tourist hotspot and they are as peaceful as you can imagine. These regions connect you to other east Africa magical wonder like Uganda, Tanzania and all the way to Rwanda. Even the northern part of Kenya is now peaceful since the Kenya defense force entered Somalia and pushed the Al shabab (The radical Islamic group in Somalia) away from the Kenya territory.

For those tourists who got the facts right about Kenya, they come and had fun and left without any incidence. Why not get your facts right and join others as they enjoy Kenya magical wonder.

Karibu Kenya.


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