Animal Orphanages are always an exception attraction. Whichever country you visit, they have animal orphanage, however, none of these orphanages are like Nairobi Animal Orphanage. It is located right in Nairobi National Park, which is the only National Park in a Capital city.

The Orphanage traces its history from way back in 1964. It was to be a center where animal considered as refugees are rehabilitated and accommodated for a while. The Orphanage has lived up to its intend purpose for the last 48 years, Most of these animals have been abandoned. Some are critically injured and they are taken cared in this orphanage.

You may wonder why over 150,000 visitors always visit Nairobi Animal Orphanage per year. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kenya owing to the fact that it is right in the Capital of Kenya. Most visitors prefer to kick-start their tour in Kenya at Nairobi National Park and obviously they have to go to Nairobi Animal Orphanage.

It is a facility that students always visit for education tours. Some of the animals you expect to find include:-

When is the best time to visit Nairobi Animal Orphanage? 

There is no best time or season. Every Month or season is perfect to visit Nairobi Animal Orphanage. If you happen to be in Nairobi, don’t forget to visit this Amazing Animal Orphanage.


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