I guess it is only in Kenya that there is no one dish that you can say it is national food. However, as you travel to Kenya be prepared for great food which represent different tribes from Kenya.  Kenya has 42 tribes and each tribe has its own tradition meals. For example, the Maasai are known for Milk, raw blood and roasted meat. The Kikuyu have Githeri which is a mixture of Maize and Beans. The Akamba eat Muthokoi, which is maize without the husk.  The Luos are known for their delicious fish and so forth.

You can decide to visit each tribe and enjoy their delicacy. However, you may not have the time to criss – cross Kenya and visit every tribe. You can visit Bomas Of Kenya which is a cultural center, where every tribe in Kenya is represented in one roof. A part from enjoying each tribe food, you’ll learn their history and watch live performances from each tribe tradition songs.

In most decent restaurants and hotels, a decent meal cost $2. In high class restaurant and hotels where you expect to find foreign delicacies, a meal can cost from $ 15 – 40. The cost can be more depending on what you order.

What you should not miss while in Kenya?

Whenever  you go to a hotel (In Kenya, most places that serve meal are called hotels), there are some meals you will never miss in the menu.  Potatoes, rice and Ugali (the most famous local delicacy which is made from corn flour) are the most common foods on the menu. This can be served with chicken, goat, beef, or stew vegetables. Other foods you should expect include eggs, sausages, chips, fish, chicken and burgers.

In any night-out, the most ordered food is Nyama Choma (Roasted meat). It is ordered in sizes like half a kilo or quarter a kilo. Nyama Choma choices range from goat Nyama Choma, beef Nyama Choma, mutton Nyama Choma or chicken Nyama Choma. The meat is always roasted as you watch.


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