If you are planning for a Safari in Kenya using moderate or expensive accommodation, it is useful to know that a lot of money can be saved by not traveling during the high season. Most resort hotels and safari lodges and tented camps have separated high, mid and low season rates. There is something about peak season too; just covering the Christmas and New Year break from December 21 to January 2.Low season rates can be anything from a third to a half of the high – season tariff.

Many of the smaller camps and lodges close for a couple of months between  mid – April and June  and some places also are not just due to lack of demand or less-than ideal weather conditions, but to allow  for  maintenance and refurbishment. 

The term hotel covers are very broad spectrum in Kenya. At the top end are the big tourist establishments, many in one of the country’s handful of small chains. In the game parks, they are known as lodges. Some establishments have very good value, but others are shabby and overpriced, so check carefully before booking. Try to reserve the more popular places in advance, especially for the busiest season in December and January.

At the mid – price level, some hotels are old settlers’ haunts that were once slightly grand and no longer quite fit in modern Kenya, while others are newer and cater for the Kenyan Middle class.  A few are fine – charmingly decrepit or fairly smart and semi – efficient – but a fair few just boozy and uninteresting. 

Expect to pay anything from $40 – 100 for a decent double or twin room in a town hotel, with bathroom en suite, known in Kenya as self – contained or sometimes just as self. Breakfast is always included, but if you want to have breakfast somewhere else the price will be reduced.


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