Get list of Accomodations In Mombasa Town

Mombasa is found on the coastal strip of Kenya and is the most visited town in East Africa by tourist. If you arrive early in the morning either by train from the capital city Nairobi or by Plane, you will have enough time to enjoy its magnificent beach. You should consider spending sometime around Mombasa island to enjoy the warm reception from  its people who speak the only fluent Swahili in Kenya. You will also have the opportunity to see the historical sites that date back to 1500 AD.  Depending on how long you want to be in this magnificent coastal town, there are recommended trips you can make  inland, in the northwest part of Mombasa where you will be able to sample the best of Mijikenda people.

Security in this coastal city is great thanks to the effort taken by the Kenyan government to eliminate the terrorist cells in the neighboring country, Somalia.

There is a sense of community and depth history in Mombasa than in Nairobi. It is slightly indolent hub of the coast. It is an island linked to the mainland by two causeways to the west, by bridge to the north by a ferry to the south. At the city’s heart is the Old town, a lattice of lanes, mosques and cramped houses sloping gently down to the once – busy dhow harbor. Fort Jesus, an impressive reminder of Mombasa complicated, power struggle between the Portuguese and the Arabs still overlooks the old town. It was strategically built to guard the Old town harbor which both Portuguese and Arab fought to gain control.  It is now a state runs Museum.

After the Old town which has historical building, lies the new modern Mombasa town.  It is a commercial hub of one of the busiest ports in Africa. Compared to the capital Nairobi, you will hardly see slums in Mombasa.

It is one of the diverse cities in Kenya. Asian and Arab influence is more predominant than the local culture. Majority of the people are Muslims.


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