Kisumu is the third largest town in the western part of Kenya. It lies on the shores of Lake Victoria which is the source of the might River Nile that flow north to Egypt. It was founded as a railway town and lake port and as its fortunes rose with the growth of trade in colonial East Africa and the newly independent Kenya, it grew to be the third largest city in Kenya.


There is a wide choice of place to stay, with good number of modest and mid-range hotels. If you are looking for a camping experience in Kisumu, try YMCA, Kisumu Beach Resort or the Impala Sanctuary where KWS runs several simple sites.


    1.       KISUMU MUSEUM

One of the best sites to visit is Kisumu Museum that open daily from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm. It cost $6 to enter this engaging and ambitious Museum. It is set on a large garden with carefully labeled tress; the main gallery happily mingles zoological exhibits with ethnographic displays. A part from the rows of the trophy – style game heads around the walls, the stuffed animals and preserved insects and crustaceans are displayed with considerable flair and imagination.


For a fine walk out of Kisumu town, just walk any road southwest and you will be able to see the entrance to Impala Sanctuary. What is captivating about this sanctuary is the story behind the tamed impala. According to the tour guide, they are the descendant of wild Impala that were during the railway days.  You have the opportunity to see Vervet monkeys and bird life. A visitor upon paying $15 will enjoy a walk through this nature-wonder.  Along the way there are caged Leopards, Ostrich and Hyenas.


At Hippo point you can watch hued sunsets from the rock-strewn shore. There’s a strong, warm breeze at dusk and it is a curious sensation to experience this giant body of water without the characteristic smell of the ocean in the air.  Hippos will always be seen and some boatmen will take you to see them for $26.


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