If you are planning to travel to western part of Kenya, then Kakamega Forest National Reserve is one place you should not miss to visit. It is a very unique forest that still represents the remnants of Guineo-Congolian forest.

The reserve pride it’s self for having more than 400 butterflies species, over 300 species of birds and 27 different snake species.  Some of the unique primates you should expect to see include:-

•    DeBrazza monkey
•    White and Black Columbus monkey
•    Vervet monkey

Other wild animal that you will see include:-
•    Dik diks
•    Potto which the slowest mammal
•    Duikers

You have the opportunity to see 350 tree species

Kakamega Forest is 415 km from Nairobi and takes 6-7hours by road. The other alternative is to fly to Kisumu city and drive to the forest which less than 2 hours away.


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