If you are looking for new experience in Kenya safari apart from the beautiful Kenya beaches and the amazing Maasai Mara, The Mathews Range in the northern Kenyan is the place to be. It is on Maralal's doorstep.

The range, most of which is a forest reserve, is impressively wild hill country, with Peak rising to 2375m. Lower down, the mountains are heavily cloaked in forest and thick bush; unusual vegetation includes "living fossil" cycad plants, giant cedars and podocarpus. 

Some of the wild animals found in this range include small numbers of black rhinos that are tracked by Kenya wildlife personnel for safety and really outstanding butterflies. If you love the country view, first-rate walking then Mathews range in your place. You’ll need to be fully self-sufficient, and that includes carrying all your food requirements.

First target if you're visiting the Mathews is Wamba, a one-street town 5km off the highway, roughly midway between Maralal and Isiolo. The big mountain you can see outside the town is a southern outlier of the Mathews, Warges (2688m). Guides from Wamba will take you up there. Wamba's main focus is its large, modern Catholic hospital outside town, the best in northern Kenya. One of the few B&Ls in town is Saudia Lodge (0), with clean and pleasant rooms. 

Southeast of Wamba, between Warges and Ol Olokwe the community-managed Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust manages 750 square kilometres of rugged bush and forest. Here, with Warges rearing behind, is one of the north's best tented camps, Sarara.  From here, you can do game walks, go fly camping with camels, or do all the game drives you like.

There are rich pickings for birders planning for Kenya Safari with frequent sightings of Gambaga flycatcher, shining sunbird, tiny cisticola, stone partridge, and Kenya's largest nesting colony of Ruppell's vultures. You might also see klipspringer, Chandler's mountain reedbuck, and leopard and elephant. Back at the camp, there's an infinity pool hewn out of the rock, and a waterhole offering very close-up viewing.


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